PhotoExhibit 4

A Wedding


Sarzin Wedding Durban 1907

Rev. Abraham Levy was the paternal grandfather of Dr Anne Sarzin who worked in the Media Unit at Sydney University for a time. The wedding photo of Dr Sarzin's paternal grandparents was taken in Durban in 1907. Her grandfather graduated from Jews College, London, and left for South Africa in 1903. Her grandmother, who was very beautiful, had a large family of seven children, six of whom survived, but she died very young.

They came to Sydney en route to Brisbane in 1910, where they remained for three years, ministering to the congregation at the Margaret Street Synagogue.

Whilst in Brisbane Rev Levy was active in Australian zionist activities (see KKL/1/17 in the Central Zionist Archives) and with the Jewish National Fund, a record of the correspondence being kept in the Central Zionist Archives and of which correspondence the Archive has a microfilm copy (see also Z3/951 and Early Australian Zionism. Monograph No 9). According to a letter dated 14th April 1923 it appears that Rev Abraham Levy was re appointed to Brisbane in April 1923 (see Z4/2097).

Rev Abraham Levy's son, the father of Dr Anne Sarzin, was born on the boat SS Runic that took her grandparents back to South Africa in 1913.

The Brisbane Hebrew Congregation where he ministered was founded in 1865.