PhotoExhibit 10

Australian Jews and Interfaith

Rabbi Raymond Apple became the senior rabbi of the Great Synagogue, Sydney in 1972, succeeding Rabbi Israel Porush, who had been senior rabbi since 1942. He has been active in interfaith and Christian Jewish Relations from his years at Golders Green, London, before taking up his post in Sydney in 1972. He is a founding member of the Council of Christians and Jews, New South Wales (founded 1987), retiring from the Great Synagogue in 2004, and was replaced by Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence. Now he has settled in Jerusalem and is near three of his children and numerous grandchildren but returns regularly to Australia to visit the fourth son and his family. He is also joint Master of Mandelbaum House, which is attached to Sydney University. In 2007 the International Council of Christians and Jews awarded him the Sir Sigmund Sternberg medal for interreligious understanding, in particular for Jewish Christian relations.

The late Lenore Sharry(NDS) worked closely with Rabbi Raymond Apple in the Council of Christians Jews, NSW, being one of its founding members.


Before the Sukkot windows, at the Great Synagogue in 1988.


Patricia Madigan (OP) with Josie Lacey(AM).

Josie Lacey, active in the Jewish community in many leadership roles is the founder of WIN, the Women's Interfaith Network and continues to hold leadership roles in the Australian Jewish community. Patricia Madigan (OP) is also a member of WIN and active in Jewish, Christian and Muslim dialogue. She has recently completed her doctorate.


Rabbi Jeffrey Cohen and Bishop Peter Ingham, at the Demonstration Seder for the New South Wales Council of Christians and Jews, Jamberoo, April 2005.

Jewish Group at Affinity Interfaith Workshop, July 2005 at McLaurin Hall, at the University of Sydney.

Most of those pictured also attended the 2006 Affinity conference. From Left front: Rabbi John Levi, Paul Reti, two young Jews, Josh Levin, Rabbi Zalman Kastel, Jossi Jacobs (partially hidden), David Knoll, Ian Lacey, Peta Jones-Pellach, Caroline Haski. Who is hidden behind Ian Lacey?

Rabbi John Levi continues to be involved in interfaith.


Fifth Affinity Intercultural Conference, August 27, 2006.

From left: Cardinal Edward Cassidy, Rabbi Richard Lampert, Professor Saritoprak and Professor Bettina Cass (moderator of the morning sessions)


Sixth Affinity Intercultural Conference, August 19th, 2007

L-R Back: A/Prof Dr Burhanettin Tatar(keynote speaker) Rabbi Zalman Kastel, Mehmet Saral, Mehmet Ozalp, Rev David Gill. Front: Josie Lacey, Sr Giovanni Farquer(RSJ), Eman Dander, Wilma Viswanathan.