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These books are shelved in the Archive and not with the general collection in the Fisher Library. Several of the books are in poor condition. As a general policy, books housed in the Archive are to be read on site, as the collection is essentially for reference.

10 Yor Yidishe Shul in Melbourne. Ten Years Yiddish school in Melbourne, 1946.
10 Yohr Yidishe Shul in Sydney. Ten years Yiddish school in Sydney, 1957.
20 Yor Sholom Aleichem Shul (1947-1976). Twenty years of Sholom Aleichem School (1947-1967)

Ajzenbud, Moshe, Alein in Gezeml. Lonely in a Crowd. Melbourne, 1970.
Ajzenbud, Moshe, The Commissar Took Care. Translated by Leah Ajzenbud. Melbourne (Globe Press), 1986.
Ajzenbud, Moshe, Gelebt Hinter Kratn. Lived Behind Bars. Buenos Aires (Yidbuch) 1956.
Ajzenbud, Moshe, Niesvizher Yidn. Niesvizh's Jews. Short stories, Melbourne, 1965.
Ajzenbud, Moshe, Nusach Y. Rapoport. Y. Rapoport's Style. Melbourne, 1967.
Ajzenbud, Moshe, Pnina un unzerer dertzeilungen. Pnina and Other Short Stories. Melbourne, 2006.
Ajzenbud, Moshe, Yugneleche Blondzenishn. Dilemmas of Youth. Melbourne, 1973.
Oistralishe Yiddisher Almanach. Australian Jewish Almanac. Melbourne, Kadimah, 1937 (volume 1), 1942 (volume 2) and 1966 (volume3). Mostly short stories by prominent Yiddish writers including Pinchas Goldhar, Hertz Bergner, Melek Ravitch and Itzhac Kahn.

Bergner, Herz, M'darf Zein A Mentsch - Oistralishe unandare Dertseilungen. Be human Australian and Other Tales.. Melbourne, 1971.
Bergner, Herz, A Shtot in Poiln. A Town in Poland. Melbourne, 1950.
Bergner, Herz, Dos Hojz Fun Djakob Aisaks. The House of Jacob Isaacs. Melbourne Jewish News, 1955.
Bergner, Herz, Licht un Shotn. Light and Shadow. Melbourne Jewish News, 1960.
Birstein, Yosel, Unter Fremde Himlen. Unde Foreign Skies. Melbourne, Kadimah Youth Organisation, 1949.
Bleter fun Pain un Umkum. Document on the history of Jewish extermination. Melbourne, Yivo Committee, 1949.
Borzykowski, Tuvia, Tzvishn Falndike Vent. Between Tumbling Walls. Published with the assistance of Hayim & Feigel Memorial Fund, Australia. Melbourne, 1976.

Giligich, J. and Rapoport, Y., Sholom Aleichem. In Honour of the 90th Anniversary of his birth (1859-1949). Published by the Central Yiddish Cultural Organisation of Australia. Melbourne, 1949.
Glas-Wiener, Sheva. Kinder in Ghetto. Children of the Ghetto. Melbourne, 1974.
Goldhar, P., Gezamelte Shriften Collected Works. Melbourne, Friends of Yiddish Literature, 1949.
Goldhar, P., Dertseilungen fun Oistralie. Tales from Australia. Melbourne, 1939.

Hagadah fun Dritn Seder. The Haggadah of the Third Seder. Melbourne, Sholom Aleichem College and I.L. Peretz Kingergarten (1978).
Kahn, Itzchak, Funken un Flamen. Sparks and Flames. Melbourne, 1964.
Kahn, Itzchak, "Shmuesn" mit Oistralishe Shreibers. Conversations with Australian Writers. Melbourne (York Press),1976.
Munz, Hirsh, Yakob Safir/un Zeine Nesioth. Travels of Jacob Saphir. A visit to Australia in 1861. Melbourne, Y.I.V.O. Committee, 1950 (reprinted in the Journal of the Australian Jewish Historical Society).

Rapoport, Y., Ershter Shnit Nochn Shturem. First Harvest after the Storm. Melbourne, Friends of Yiddish Literature, 1948.
Rapoport, Y., Fayerlech in Nepl. Glimmering Lights in the Mist. Melbourne, 1961 (1. Literatur - Problemen)
Rapoport, Y., Heldn un Korbonos fun der Ibergangs Tseit. Heroes and Victims of the Transition Period. Melbourne, Friends of Jewish Literature, 1949. (1. Haimishe Gestaltn)
Rapoport, Y., Oisgerisene Bleter. Random Leaves. Melbourne, 1957 (1 Di Shylock - Gestalt)
Rapoport, Y., Shalom Asch. Literarische Nitschonos un Mapolos. The Literary Victories and Defeats of Shalom Asch. Melbourne, 1953.
Rapoport, Y., Tanakh Improvizatsies. Biblical Improvisations. Buenos Aires, Congress for Jewish Culture, 1960.
Rapoport, Y., Tropns Gloiben. Drops of Faith. An Anthology. Melbourne, Bialystoker Centre, 1948.
Rapoport, Y., Zoimen in Vint. Seeds in the Wind. Essays and memoirs. Buenos Aires, Congress for Jewish Culture, 1962.
Rapoport, Y., Zurick Zum Alten Seder Hayom? Back to the old agenda? Melbourne, 1947.
Rapoport, Y. Mehus fun Dichtung. Essaien, Notitsn, Retsenzies, vegn Dichter un Dichtung. Nature of poetry. Essays, notes, reviews on poets and poetry. Melbourne, 1963.
Rapaport, I. (Rabbi), Mein Shtarkeit un Mein Gezang. My strength and my song. Melbourne, 1966.
Rosen, Ber I., Geklibene Shriftn. Selected works. Melbourne, 1957.

Sanger, H.M. and others, Dos iz Unzer Geshichte. This is Our History. Melbourne, Jewish Committee for the Council Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism, 1945
Shaiak-Tcharneson, G., Der Opgot in Feier. Defiance. Melbourne, 1977
Sharp, Kalman, Shtimungs Lieder. Poems. Melbourne, 1944
Shulman, A., Geshichte for Yiddishn Yishuv in Ballarat. The History of Jewish Settlement in Ballarat. Melbourne, YIVO Committee, 1946.
Steinberg, I.N., Gelebt un Gecholemt in Oistralie. Lived and Dreamed in Australia. Melbourne, 1943.
Stern, Shalom and others,Tsushtayer. Melbourne, 1944.

Warszawski, B, Di Ferlorener bas Malkah. The Lost Princess. A Fairy Tale. Melbourne, 1944. * This book is shelved in the Rare Books Library. RB 1646.33, and may be consulted in the Rare Books' reading room.

Some 4000 Yiddish books were housed in the Archive for three years. Dr Jennifer Dowling and her students packed them up in 170 boxes at the end of August 2011 to be transferred into a Storage Facility till the end of 2013. They are destined to be transferred to a purpose built library that is being constructed at Emanuel Synagogue, Woollahra . These books were brought to Australia by Holocaust survivors fleeing Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, and the original Yiddish speakers who ran the Folk Centre Library have now mostly died. It was Professor Alan Crown' s passionate desire that the books remain in the country and not be sent to New York, as had been proposed. Dr Jennifer Dowling and her students arranged for the transfer of the books to the Archive in 2008, till a permanent home could be found for them. In another year and a half that resource centre will have been purpose built at Emanuel Synagogue, Woollahra. Melbourne's Yiddish resources in the Jewish Folk Centre Library, the Makor Library and Lamm Library and its subsidiaries number more than fourteen thousand Yiddish books, as compared to the Sydney collection of about four thousand. There are books in Sydney that do not exist in the Melbourne collections as well as some of the same titles. The number of Holocaust survivors migrating to Melbourne is a little more than the number who came to Sydney. Proportionally (not numerically) Australia had the largest number of Holocaust survivors per capita than any other country in the world. The influx of Jewish refugees from the late 1930s, 40s and 50s revitalised the Australian Jewish community.