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These books are shelved in the Archive and not with the general collection in the Fisher Library. These books can be requested and viewed in the Rare Books and Special Collections reading room.

Ajzenbud, MoshePnina un unzerer dertzeilungen. Pnina and Other Short Stories. Melbourne, 2006.

Ajzenbud, MosheYugneleche Blondzenishn. Dilemmas of Youth. Melbourne, 1973.

Bergner, HerzM'darf Zein A Mentsch - Oistralishe unandare Dertseilungen. Be human Australian and Other Tales.. Melbourne, 1971.

Bergner, Herz, A Shtut in Poiln. A Town in Poland. Melbourne, 1950.

Bergner, HerzLicht un Shotn. Light and Shadow. Melbourne Jewish News, 1960.

Birstein, YoselUnter Fremde Himlen. Unde Foreign Skies. Melbourne, Kadimah Youth Organisation, 1949.

Borzykowski, TuviaTzvishn Falndike Vent. Between Tumbling Walls. Published with the assistance of Hayim & Feigel Memorial Fund, Australia. Melbourne, 1976.
Giligich, J. and Rapoport, Y., Sholom Aleichem. In Honour of the 90th Anniversary of his birth (1859-1949). Published by the Central Yiddish Cultural Organisation of Australia. Melbourne, 1949.

Hagadah fun Dritn Seder. The Haggadah of the Third Seder. Melbourne, Sholom Aleichem College and I.L. Peretz Kingergarten (1978). (2 copies)

Rapoport, Y., Ershter Shnit Nochn Shturem. First Harvest after the Storm. Melbourne, Friends of Yiddish Literature, 1948. (2 copies)

Rapoport, Y., Oisgerisene Bleter. Random Leaves. Melbourne, 1957 (1 Di Shylock - Gestalt)

Rapoport, Y., Shalom Asch. Literarische Nitschonos un Mapolos. The Literary Victories and Defeats of Shalom Ash. Melbourne, 1953.

Rapoport, Y., Tanakh Improvizatsies. Biblical Improvisations. Buenos Aires, Congress for Jewish Culture, 1960.

Rapoport, Y., Tropns Gloiben. Drops of Faith. An Anthology. Melbourne, Bialystoker Centre, 1948. (4 copies)

Rapoport, Y., Zoimen in Vint. Seeds in the Wind. Essays and memoirs. Buenos Aires, Congress for Jewish Culture, 1962.

Rapoport, Y., Zurick Zum Alten Seder Hayom? Back to the old agenda? Melbourne, 1947.

Sanger, H.M. and othersDos iz Unzer Geshichte. This is Our History. Melbourne, Jewish Committee for the Council Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism, 1945

Sharp, KalmanShtimungs Lieder. Poems. Melbourne, 1944

Stern, Shalom and others,Tsushtayer. Melbourne, 1944.

Warszawski, B, Di Ferlorener bas Malkah. The Lost Princess. A Fairy Tale. Melbourne, 1944. * This book is shelved in the Rare Books Library. RB 1646.33.

General Encyclopedia in Yiddish. Copyrighted by Central Yiddish Culture Organization (Cyco) New York, 1948.