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Theses Collection

BAKER, Mark. Children and Builders: Australian Zionist Youth in Habonism 1940-1953.BA (University of Melbourne) 1982.

BARTOP, Paul Robert. Indifference and Inconvenience: Australian Government policy towards Refugees from Nazi Persecution 1933-39. Ph.D. (Monash University) 1988. (microfilm)

CHAZAN, Barry. Jewish Schooling and Jewish Identification in Melbourne. Research Project. (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 1980.

CROWN, Alan David. A Critical Re-Evaluation of the Samaritan Sepher Yehoshua. M.A. (The University of Sydney), 1966. 

FRENKEL, Anna. Soviet Jewish Emigrants in Australia. Problems of Multidimensional Integration. Ph.D. (Macquarie University) 1986. (microfilm).

GOLDLUST, John. Jewish Adolescents in Melbourne: A Study of their Religious, Social and Political Attitudes. M.A (Monash University) 1969.

GORDON, Glenn. The Shomrim Zionist Youth Organisation, 1939-1944. M.A. (The University of Sydney) 1993.

KEEDA, Peter. Escaping the Holocaust: The Route to Nyasaland. M.A (The University of Sydney) 2012.

LEE, Godfrey. Australian Jewish Community Reactions to Destruction of European Jewry, 1939-1947. B.A (University of New South Wales) 1983.

LUFTMAN, Ilana. A Woman of Valour: Ruby Rich -- a Jewish Feminist (1888-1988). B.A. (University of New South Wales) 1991.

McNAUGHTON, Sarah. Liberalism and Anticommunism in the Melbourne Jewish Community in the 1940s and 1950s. B.A. (The University of Sydney) 1986.

RECHTER, David. Beyond the Pale: Jewish Communism in Melbourne. M.A (University of Melbourne) 1986.

ROSENBLUM, Sylvia. The Extent and Variations of Jewish Ethnic Identity. M.Ed (University of New South Wales) 1981.

RYAN, Yoni. The Jew from Stereotype to Symbol. M.A. (University of Queensland) 1972

RYAN, Yoni (MJ Haddock). The Prose of Jewish Writers in Australia 1945-1969. B.A. (University of Queensland) 1969.

SIMAI-ARONI, Rosalie. The effects of Jewish and Non Jewish Schooling on Jewish Identity and Commitment. Ph.D (Monash University) 1985. (microfilm)