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  1. B'nai B'rith International on matters of general Jewish interest. 1970's. Reel tapes collected by Sidney Muller.

  2. Jewish Radio Hour - 2EA (courtesy Mr S. Pejsachowitz), from its inception in 1976 to 1996. The second lot of tapes was sent after his death in 2010 as well as some of his yiddish books which will be integrated into the new Yiddish library being built at Emanuel Synagogue, Woollahra . 170 boxes of Yiddish books have been packed and are being placed in storage in the Library Camperdown storage facility till the end of 2013.

  3. Oral history records.
    1. Anti-Semitism and Human Rights (Australian Institute of Jewish Studies), Melbourne, Seminar, 9-11 June 1984. (12 tapes)

    2. Australian Association of Jewish Studies, Melbourne/Sydney, 1st - 4th Seminars, 1987-1990.

    3. Australian Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc. CD of Resources in the libraries and archives of the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc. (in Sydney). Copyright, AJGS March 2003 and November 2003.
    4. The Kosher Koala: The newsletter of the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society Inc . Sydney. v. 1 -10 (1993-2003). Now 'online' on their website.
    5. Rookwood Necropolis Sydney, Australia. Old Jewish Section. Tombstones 1837-1984. In use 1867-1906. AJGS, June 2004.

    6. Australasian Union of Jewish Students (resource tapes). (ii) "You Don't Have to be Jewish."1970's + 1980 - 1989 (220 reel tapes), plus several tcassette tapes of conferences.

    7. Aarons, Mark, Nazi War Criminals in Australia, Jewish Folk Centre, Bondi. (Holocaust Descendents' Group), 15/11/1989. Taped lecture.

    8. Australasian Union of Jewsih Students.The file tapes of You Don't Have to be Jewish. Radio programme reel tapes.

    9. BAER, Werner. Life as a musician, 1970s-1985. (1 tapd interview)
    10. Werner Baer Remembered. Tape of music of Werner Baer in programme arranged by Ida Ferson, late wife of Alex Ferson, sculptor. Both Holocuast survivors .
    11. Oral history records.
    12. Christian/Jewish Study Centre - lunch time lectures given at the Great Synagogue, Sydney ( 7/2/1980 - 3/10/1991) (45 tapes)

      1. Recorded interviews

        1. CHERRICK, Bernard. Transcribed interview by Eliyahu Honig on early Australian Zionism.

        2. DAHL, Edward, Holocaust remembrances of father, 1933-40, Dunera, Hay, Tatura - Central Australia - Sydney, 1940-1950. (1 tape)

        3. ECKSTEIN, Eric, Der letzte Zug (The Last Train).Text of a book of his experiences during Word War II

        4. KRAMER, Tom, Discussion with Lodz Ghetto Survivors (Australian Institute of Jewish Holocaust Survivors), 1989.

        5. The Mitzvah Tape. In Memory of Anthony Falk.

        6. Frank Lowry biography

        7. PARKER, Dr Rod. 8 CDs on the Parker family and Keesing, Michaelis, Margoliouth, Miller, Phillips, and Hart family. In addition, a CD of the Michaelis 150th anniversary reunion, Melbourne, August 2003.

        8. RICH-SCHAliT, Ruby, W.I.Z.O., 1937. Memories of Ida Wynn (1 tape). Music, reminiscences and Feminist Movement of the 1920s (1 tape). Recorded in 1984-5.

        9. Synagogue music from The Great Synagogue, Berlin (Levandowsky) arranged by Boaz Bischopswerder.Copy of 1926 BBC recording of Cantor Boaz Bishofswerder singing a liturgical medley or his own musical arrangements and a 1970s tape of Canter Nechama singing Bishofswerder's arrangements. Copies are housed in the music archives in Beth Hatefutsot, Ramat Gan, Israel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Monash Universitity Australian Jewish Music Archive.

        10. Temple Emanuel Choir, Woollahra. Songs for an Australian Sabbath.

        11. Twelfth Hour Project. Written summaries copied on to a DVD of interviews with 166 Holocaust Survivors between 1988 and 1991.(360 tapes).The State Library of New South Wales, have the original tapes, plus a copy, with copies having been sent to the Washington Holocaust Museum. These taeps are being digitalised.

        12. WERDER, Felix (1 tape) and Aspect (1996 compact disc)

    13. Yiddish Literature "Bontsche the Silent" and other selections from Yiddish literature. Vol 1. Read in Yiddish by David Rogow. Introduced by Cynthia Ozick and David Fishman.

    14. "Taybele and her Demon". vol 11. Read in Yiddish by David Rogow. Yivo Institute for Jewish Research. 2 CDs presented to the Archive by Haim Oppermann.

    15. Yad Vashem. Selected supplementary articles, Winter Seminar 2005. International School for Holocaust Studies.