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Australian Jewish Quarterly Foundation. See Bernhard Hammerman Collection

Australian Jewish Welfare Society. See Wolf Matsdorf Collection

Australian Jewry. Protests-Soviet Jewry 1970s. Proofs of Central Synagogue Fire 1994. 35 photocopies of photos from Beth Hatefutsoth Collection + 4 photos (from 'Jews in Agriculture' exhibition in 1983). Latter 4 photos in Wolf Matsdorf Collection

Australia/Israel See Arie Even collection, and Solomon Goldberg Collection

Australian Jewish News alphabetial file photos of personalities

Australian Jewish News photos from files of newspaper - Australian Jews, politicians, fire at Central Synagogue.


De Beer, Gotthelf, Hart, Hallenstein and Michaelis families - Melbourne, Sydney,

Dunedin, New Zealand, 1860s-1880s See Nancy Keesing Collection

Dunera See Cyril Pearl Collection

Fanny Reading. 7 Photos of the National Council of Jewish Women housed in Subject Collection under Fanny Reading

Holocaust -Post War, contemporary memorials, gatherings

Interfaith-4 photos.

1. Cardinal Edward Cassidy, Sir Zelman Cowan, Rabbi Raymond Apple

2. Governor Gordon Samuels and John McCarthy, President St Thomas More Society

3. Major Graham Harris (Sydney Hilton, Israel Independence Day cocktails 2002)

4. Pope John Paul 11 and leaders of the Australian Jewish Comunity, 1983 (2 photos)- AJN photos.

News in pictures (1970); 4 reels March, June, July, September, 1969.

  • Judean Desert ( 2 filmstrips, Arabs & Jews (5 filmstrips).

Newspaper photographs of Israel - 1940-1960 (Katz collection)

Montefiore Home 87 photographs most (recent 1983). See Edward Lane Collection

Rabbi Leib Aisack Falk See Rabbi Leib Aisack Falk Collection

Sid Field and group, 5 Apr 1979. From AJN photos.

Rev Bezalel Mandelbaum 2 photographs (uncertain date)

Ruby Rich-Schalit Photos of family, her youth and major events in her life including the U.N. Peace Prize (1879-1984).See Ruby Rich-Schalit Collection.

Shalom Organization - 8 photographs. See Shalom (Organisational Collections)

Stone, Julius - 2 photographs

Sydney Jewish Museum from its opening in 1990s- 54 photographs + negatives of others from Australian Jewish News photos, Sydney.


  • in Melbourne 49 photographs (January 1984),  29 slides (January 1984)
  • in Ballarat 38 photographs (January 1984),  4 slides (January 1984)
  • Brisbane 3 photographs (January 1987) Margaret Street.,  20 Photographs-Deshon Street (1964 - Mervyn Doobov, Deshon Street Synagogue Street.
  • in Maitland 6 photographs (1984)
  • in Hobart 4 photographs (1990)
  • in Israel Bet Alpha (3 slides), Chagall Windows (13 slides),Hammath, Tiberias (5 slides).
  • in New South Wales Sephardi Synagogue; Newtown; Sir Moses Montefiore Home; Great Synagogue; Parramatta.

Wolper Hospital See Sam Karpin collection

Zionism 10 historic black and white photographs including the second Z.F.A. Conference, 1929. See L.A. Falk Collection