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Shelf list: 41 Source: Fritz MULLER-SORAU
Housing: 1 box + folder Period: 1940-1986

Fritz Muller-Sorau, German-born who spoke Esperanto, was a refugee from Nazi Germany and spent some time in the Ottawa Internment Camp. He later migrated to Australia. His papers include letters from Internment Camp 41 in Ottawa (1940-1942), personal documents, and manuscripts of his original short stories and poems, his version of the Australian National Anthem and a scrap book.See Franz Muller-Sorau Collection.

Shelf list: 42 Source: Leopold HERTZBERG
Housing: 1 folder Period: 1940s

Leopold Herzberg's diary recounts his experiences during "Kristallnacht", his arrest and the first few days of his eleven-day imprisonment in the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. The copy housed in the Archive, and entitled Lest we Forget, has been translated from the German by his daughter, Mrs Ursula Cher. The latter also donated papers relating to her mother Ella Herzberg's entitlement to compensation from West Germany. However, Mrs Herzberg died on 21st June 1989, too late to benefit from such compensation.

Shelf list: 43 Source: Dr Ivan CHER
Housing: 8 boxes Period: 1975-1997

Dr Ivan Cher, an ophthalmist (now retired) was active for many years in promoting tertiary Jewish education courses in Australia. In June 1990 he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the University of Sydney for his role in founding and continuing to promote the projects of the Joint Committee for Tertiary Jewish Studies. This Committee has provided funds for the Department of Hebrew, biblical and Jewish Studies (formerly named Department of Semitic Studies) and other Departments at Sydney University, and has assisted in the development of several departments at three city universities. His papers contain minutes and correspondence dealing with his activities with the Joint Committee for Tertiary Jewish Studies ( succeeded by the Joint Comittee for Jewish Higher Edication in 1997), background papers and correspondence to the N.S.W. Board of Jewish Education, and papers detailing discussions and content of tertiary Jewish courses. There is also some correspondence with Prof Jacob Neusner and others, and some articles on education and various subjects. See Ivan Cher Collection.

Shelf list: 44 Source: Prof Alan CROWN
Housing: 5 boxes Period: 1954, 1960-69,1973, 1976, 1984-2001+

* Restricted access

Emeritus Professor Alan Crown , A.M., held a personal chair in Semitic Studies, and was a founding project director of the Archive of Australian Judaica. He was a member of the Semitic Studies Department of Sydney University from 1962, retiring at the end of 1996. As former Head of the Semitic Studies Department, and a member of the World Union of Jewish Studies' Council, he was an acclaimed international expert on the Samaritans, and published widely on this topic and many others, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, Yiddish language and culture, Jewish education, Zionism and Australian Jewry. He continues to publish in bibliography, codicology, and Samaritan and biblical studies and has been involved in the Oxford Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project. A Festschrift entitled: Feasts and Fasts: A Festschrift in honour of Alan David Crown was launched at Mandelbaum House on April 11th, 2005. Signed copies were sent to all who contributed.

His papers contain letters dated 1954, 1960-69, from Prof. Colin McLaurin, former Head of the Semitic Studies Department, Minutes of the Zionist and Federal Bible Quiz committees, 1984, seminar papers on Australian Zionism and Jewish education, correspondence, and the transcription of an interview in 1973 by Mrs Sophie Caplan; papers on the Mandelbaum House, and on Semitic Studies Department business. The Semitic Studies Department has been renamed, 'The Department of Hebrew, Jewish and Biblical Studies'. See Alan Crown Collection

  • Publications: Hebrew Manuscripts and Rare Printed Books held in the Fisher Library, Sydney (Wentworth Press), 1973, 2nd ed. 1984
  • Biblical Studies Today, Sydney (Chevalier Press), 1975.
  • Zimrat Ha 'Ares, reprinted from the original in Hebrew (Mantua 1745) with a matched English translation. Sydney (Cloister Press), 1977.
  • Bibliography of the Samaritans, Metuchen, N.J., Philadelphia (Scarecrow Press), 1984, 2nd ed. 1990.
  • The Samaritans, Tubingen (J.C.B. Mohr-Paul Siebeck), 1989, 865p.
  • Israel Weissbrem and His World , Tel Aviv, 1983, 2nd edn., Wayne State University, 1991.
  • Companion to Samaritan Studies, Tubingen (J.C.B. Mohr-Paul Siebeck) 1992.
  • New Samaritan Studies of the Societe D'Etudes Samaritaines. Essays in Honour G.D. Sixdenier. Mandelbaum Publishing, University of Sydney. Studies in Judaica, No 5. Edited by A.D. Crown and Lucy Davey.
  • A Catalogue of the Samaritan Manuscripts in the British Library (London: The British Library, June 1998).
  • Editor, Noblesse Oblige; Essays in Honour of David Kessler, OBE, (London: Vallentine Mitchell, August 1998).
  • 'Codicology v Codicography in Samaritan Manuscripts' In C. B. Amphoux, Ursula Reiner and Albert Frey, eds. Epigraphica. semitica, samaritana. Melanges en honneur de Jean Margain (Editions du Zebre, Prahins, 1998).
  • Samaritan Scribes and Manuscripts ( J C B Mohr, Tübingen , 2001), 558pp.
  • "The Samaritan Diaspora", (Hebrew) in A Tal, E. Stern, eds, Sefer Hashomronim Ben Zvi Institute. (in Press).
  • "L' Histoire des Samaritains ", in M. Fau, Les samaritains (editions du Cerf, Paris), publication 2001.
  • A Critical Edition of the Samaritan Pentateuch from Ten MSS and the Proto-Sam. texts in the Qumran Scrolls.
  • Numerous journal and newspaper articles.

Shelf list: 45 Source: Helena MANN
Housing : 10 boxes Period : 1978 - 1990.

Helena Mann was a Holocaust survivor from Bergen Belsen, who was actively involved with the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Centre from its inception. She actively saved articles on every aspect of the Holocaust for many years, for distribution to various organisations. These are indexed in the collection, which also includes personal letters, papers on the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Centre, Holocaust Camps - education, attitudes; Holocaust (by country), Holocaust revisionism, antisemitism, racism, War Crimes and War Crimes Trials. A few photos from Holocaust survivors are included. See Helena Mann Collection.

Shelf list : 46 Source: Rabbi Dr Alfred FABIAN
Housing: 6 boxes Period: 1945 - 1989.

Rabbi Dr. Alfred Fabian came to Australia in 1939, and served as Rabbi in the Jewish communities of Adelaide, Brisbane and the North Shore Synagogue. His papers include correspondence with the Chief Rabbi Hertz, copies of the Mizrachi Bulletin (1950 - 1951), typewritten articles, transcriptions from the letter book of the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation 1846-7 and some history notes.See Alfred Fabian Collection.

Shelf list : 47 Source : Godfrey LEE
Housing : 1 folder Period: 1939 - 1948

Godrey Lee is an educationalist and Holocaust historian. His papers, which include some typescripts span the crisis of World Jewry and the role played by the Australian community during the Second World War, and its aftermath.

Papers: copies of correspondence from: the Victorian Jewish Advisory Board to the Prime Minister (1939), the Emergency Committee for European Jewry, Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the N.S.W. Jewish Board of Deputies, Bishop Pilcher, the Australian Jewish Welfare Society and a Memorandum about the Australian Palestine Committee.

Shelf list 48: Source : Ken SYMONDS
Housing : 3 boxes Period: 1960 - 1976.

The late Ken Symonds who made alia to Israel several years ago was active in the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies, and at one time, chairman of the Jewish Youth Activities' Committee.

Papers: Reports of the Youth Activities' Committee (1969 - 1976), Newspaper clippings Moriah College, 1982; notes from Central Synagogue (Torah readings - 1980) ; Correspondence: Publications Relations Director of Youth Committee, and N.S.W. Jewish Board of Deputies (1974 - 1976); Chief Rabbi and Bet Din (1980).

Shelf list : 49 Source: Margaret GUTMAN (née Nebenzahl)
Housing: 1 folder Period: 1951 - 1975.

Before returning to Australia in 1955, Margaret Gutman worked in the Information Department of the United Nations in New York. She was the first executive director of the N.S.W. Jewish Board of Deputies, appointed in April 1983 and retiring in 1999. In addition, she was the first woman to edit the B'nai B'rith Journal of Australia and New Zealand, and launched a double page feature in the Jewish Times called "Paging Women." Being actively involved in many Jewish and ethnic organisations, she has broadcast on SBS ethnic radio in the Jewish Radio Hour from1978 until recently. Her contribution to the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies and the Jewish community was recognised with an OAM in 1993. The collection consists mainly of a scrapbook and copies of the columns for the Women's page of the Australian Jewish Times written between 1951, and January 26th. 1975.

Shelf list : 50 Source : Rudolf LEWIN
Housing : 1 folder Period: 1939 - 1945

Rudolf Lewin was brought to Australia on the Dunera. His papers consist of eight pages of notes about his experiences on the Dunera, and Hay Camp.

Shelf list: 51 Source : Joy Ruth YOUNG
Housing : 1 box Period: 1985 -1988.

The late Joy Ruth Young, a librarian for many years at the Fisher Library, University of Sydney, indexed, edited and typed the first edition of the Bibliography of Australian Judaica (compiled by Serge Liberman) over an intense period of two years. Her collection contains notes and drafts for the first edition and material for the second edition, which was edited by Laura Gallou. The second edition did not include the periodical section. The PDF version of PERIODICAL PUBliCATIONS FROM THE AUStrAliAN JEWISH COMMUNITY, 6th edition (Sydney, Archive of Australian Judaica, University of Sydney Library, 2008), was first published in 1986, with 200 copies being printed. It has been updated to February 2008.

The late Nancy Keesing financed the Bibliography of Australian Judaica. Serge Liberman is currently working on integrating another two hundred pages of entries into a third edition, which will be published "online" on Aura Lipski's website Jewishaustralia.com. Since 1991, the number of bibliographical entries has doubled. The new edition will include a number of biographies and books on Australian Jewish history.

Shelf list : 52 Source: Myer ROSENBLUM
Housing: 1 folder Period: 1928 - 1991.

Myer Rosenblum, a solicitor and one of the founders of the original Rosenblums' law firm had a life long interest in athletics, classical literature and music. He represented Australia at the Empire Games in 1938, having established the record for hammer throwing in 1935. He was also a keen rugby player, and played for the Wallabies in Sydney in 1928. At his death at the age of 95 in April 2002 a packed Sydney Football Stadium fell silent as 41,000 rugby players fans stood to pay him homage. He still played tennis into his nineties.. The collection is copied from scrap books, and includes activities with the Hakoah Club and Jewish athletic groups.

Shelf List: 53 Source: Abraham ZBAR
Housing: 1 box Period: 1940's-

Abraham Zbar was a refugee to Australia in the forties, and was involved in the Bialystocker movement. The collection contains documents in Yiddish relating to this movement and immigration.

Shelf List: 54: Source Boaz BISCHOFSWERDER
Housing: 1 box Period: 1930's-1949

Boaz Bischofswerder was an "obercantor" at the Brunenstrasse synagogue (Reform) in Berlin. He left Germany in 1933 for London, but at the outbreak of world War II was interned by the British as an "enemy alien" and brought to Australia on the Dunera where subsequently, he was interned at Hay and Tatura.

His papers include manuscripts of traditional Jewish liturgical music created in the camps,(arrangements of the music of Levandowsky) and an original composition: Phantasia Judaica, first composed while on the Dunera, for four tenor voices, as well as a diary in Yiddish. After receiving a grant of $1000 from the Ethnic Affairs' Commission, and with the help of Felix Werder, his son, the Archive subsequently published Bischofswerder's music, which is currently available from the Archive. His papers also include an original collection of short stories Amol In Ger (Once Upon a time in Ger (name of a City) of almost two hundred hand written pages in Yiddish (in pencil).

Tapes: Cantor Boaz Bischofswerder sings a liturgical medley as well as his own compositions. From recording of 1926 (BBC) and Cantor Nachama (Berlin)(1970s) sings Ohavo by Bischofswerder from the Friday Adonoj night services. (copied from recordings in the possession of Felix Werder in February 1997 (by the Archive of Jewish Music, Monash University) plus a tape and compact disc of the music (Aspect 1996) of Felix Werder. See Boaz Bischofswerder Collection

See also Phantasia Judaica

Shelf List: 55: Source Moshe TAMARI
Housing : 3 boxes

Moshe Tamari is Israeli and lives in Tel Aviv. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Australia/Israel Friendship Association, and is one of the senior members of the Israel Association of Editors and Journalists. His biography was included in edition one of 5,000 Personalities of the World, for service to cultural exchange between Israel and Australia. His papers reflect these activities.

Shelf List 56: Source John MOSER
Housing: 1 box 1942-1949; 1960's+

he late John Moser, an industrial chemist by profession was very active in his youth in the Shomrim and Habonim youth movements. His papers reflect a lifelong interest in Australian zionism.

Papers: personal letters on zionism. Some issues of Banativ and The Australian Jewish Forum, Zionist youth magazines of the 1940's. (cf Yehuda Feher's collection), and letters to the Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald.

Shelf List 57: Source Tom KRAMER
Housing: 1 box 1989-1994

Tom Kramer, a graduate of the Yad Vashem course, is an engineer, and Hungarian by birth. He wrote his Ph.D. thesis on Hungarian Jewry and the Shoah and subsequently had it published. Papers: newsletters and brochures from the Jewish Vegetarian Society (NSW Branch), papers from the Yad Vashem Graduates' Group , and Holocaust Descendants' Gathering in 1993.

Shelf List 58: Source Ilana COHEN
Housing: 1 box

Ilana Cohen (nee Kaim) has a Master's degree in History from the University of New South Wales. She was secretary of the Lost Tribe Youth Group for a number of years, worked in the Falk Library at the Great Synagogue and at the University of New South Wales Library.

Shelf List 59: Source Vivienne ABRAHAM
Housing: 2 boxes 1938-1945

Vivienne Abraham, a law graduate from Melbourne University was actively engaged in the Melbourne Jewish Youth Council, and several other groups during the war years, also retaining a keen interest in Middle East Affairs. Her papers contain material on several Jewish youth activities, and include a complete set of the Melbourne Jewish Youth Council Bulletin. See Vivienne Abraham Collection.

Shelf List 60: Source Beate STRICKER
Housing: 1 box 1978-1988

Mrs Beate Stricker worked at the B'nai B'rith "Person to Person" introduction and counselling service in Sydney. Her papers consist of minutes from the committee and correspondence.