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Shelf List: 21 Source: Henry JAMES
Housing: 1 folder Period: 1941-1944

Henry James was in the Tatura camp. His papers include various official documents - restriction orders, Gazette, and notices of the Tatura camp. He still attends the Dunera reunion every year on September 6th.

Shelf List: 22 Source: Theo BERGER
Housing: 1 folder Period: 1940-1941

Theo Berger arrived on the Dunera and was in the Hay camp and some of his personal memorabilia include 5 watercolours of the Hay camp of sporting activities.

Shelf List: 23 Source: Dr Wolf (Bill) MATSDORF
Housing: 5 boxes Period: 1940-1989

Bill Matsdorf was a social worker and one of the originators of the Australian Jewish Welfare Society Sheltered Workshop, established in 1955. He was also involved in other activities within the Jewish community including the Jewish Council to Combat Fascism and Anti-Semitism and the Society for the Rescue of European Jewry . In the 1970s he made his home in Israel, continuing to be the Jerusalem correspondent for The Australian Jewish Times, up to the time of his death on 13th September 1989.

  • Papers: Documents of the Australian Jewish Welfare Society, the Jewish Council to Combat Fascism and Anti-Semitism, the Australia-Israel Society for Cultural Exchange; the Kimberley plan; personal records and papers on trends in deviant behaviour among Jewish people in New South Wales, the problems of migrants, prison after-care, the aged and mental health.
  • Publications: Copies of his previously unpublished work, No time to Grow. The Story of the Gros-Breeseners in Australia were printed by the Archive twice in 1994 for his widow, the late Hilda Meyerowitz, also a social worker, with the help of Richard Dreyfus, who wrote the preface ; numerous journal and newspaper articles.
  • Photos: 14 photos of Australian Jewish Welfare Society activities. 4 photos from the Beth Hatefutsoth Exhibition, Jews on the Land, 1983; personal family photos. See William Matsdorf Collection. Some of this collection has been copied on to a DVD.

Shelf List: 24A Source: Eva HELFGOTT
Housing: 1 folder Period: - 1984

Eva Helfgott is Polish, speaks several languages and has been in the teaching of English and voluntary social work for many years. In 1981 she was one of the co-founders of the Shalom Organisation, a group set up to help Russian Jewish immigrants integrate into Australia. She taught English until the end of 1984. In 1983 the organisation became affiliated with the Australian Jewish Welfare Society.

Shelf List: 24B Source: Sam HELFGOTT
Housing: 1 folder Period: 1940's - 1978

Memorabilia of Eva's husband, Sam Helfgott, violinist. Sam Helfgott was first violinist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra till his death in 1971. He was born in Warsaw and attended the Conservatory of Music, furthering his studies at the Berlin Conservatory. In 1935-6 he toured through Europe as a member of the world-renowned Marek Weber ensemble. Between 1939-41 he was the leader of an orchestra in Bialystok, going from there to the Caucasus and later to Central Asia where he remained till the end of World War II. In 1946, he returned to Poland, becoming the leader of the Stettin Broadcasting Orchestra, and also went to Germany and Paris, where he played with leading orchestras. He migrated to Australia in 1948.

Shelf List: 25 Source: Werner BAER (d. 1992)
Housing: folder Period: 1966-85 (+ tape interview)

Werner Baer was born in Berlin. When Hitler started to make his presence felt in 1933, he was forced to interrupt his university course. Being well-trained in music, he became a functionary in a Berlin synagogue and officially became a public servant for the Prussian State. Interned for four weeks in a camp near Berlin, he succeeded in leaving by ship, and was chosen as a music professor in Singapore, where he and his wife lived. On coming to Australia, he was interned at Tatura. After the war, he joined the A.B.C.Broadcasting Commission, and became a well known music critic, composer, reviewer, and teacher. He was associated with the Australian Opera, and director of the Sydney Jewish Choral Society. On 10th May 1992, Ida Ferson (herself a Holocaust survivor) recorded for 2 MBS -FM radio a programme of music entitled "Werner Baer. Remembered," which featured Baer in performance. A copy of the tape is kept in the Archive. See Tape Collections.

Shelf List: 26 Source: Prof Julius STONE
Housing: 2 boxes Period: 1944-1983

Professor Stone, an internationally renowned jurist, legal philosopher and champion of human rights, was in the forefront of those speaking out for Zionism and Israel for more than forty years. His widow, Reca Stone, herself a trained dentist, typed the manuscripts of his books. She died in 2005. Included in this collection is a copy of Stone's Stand up and be Counted, his much-publicised debate on the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine with the Australian Governor-General, Sir Isaac Isaacs, who represented the opinion that to establish a Jewish State was to be disloyal to the British. Consequent developments were to vindicate Professor Stone.

  • Papers: Palestinian resolution; zenith or nadir of the General Assembly. The controversy with Sir Isaac Isaacs from Hebrew Standard clippings over several years and correspondence and papers.
  • Two letters to the Washington Post , 1973.
  • Publications: Over 25 articles on Israel and the Middle East are included in this collection, which was partially established with the help of Stone's former secretary, Zina Sachs.

Shelf List: 27 Source: Joseph LINTON
Housing: 1 box Period: 1950-1952

From 12/6/1950 - 5/9/1952 Joseph Linton was the Israeli plenipotentiary to Australia. His diary, which describes the period just following the establishment of the State of Israel, and some photos, are preserved in the Archive. His successor was given the title of Ambassador. The current Israeli Ambassador resides in Canberra.

Shelf List: 28 Source: Bernhard HAMMERMAN
Housing: 1 box Period: 1963-1974

Bernhard Hammerman was a founding member of the Australian Jewish Quarterly Foundation which was responsible for publishing a cultural Jewish Magazine, "The Bridge" for over ten years. His papers include the minutes of the Australian Jewish Quarterly Foundation from 11th November 1963-18th October 1964 (incomplete) and several photos. See Toby Hammerman Collection.

See also Australian Jewish Quarterly Foundation

Shelf List: 29A Source: Sophie CAPLAN
Housing: 9 boxes Period 1940s-1992

Sophie Caplan was a child Holocaust survivor. Her very detailed master's thesis (honours) was a history of the Jewish Day School Movement in New South Wales. She is a Holocaust historian and continues to research and write and to take a keen interest in Jewish genealogy. See Sophie Caplan Collection.

  • Clippings and papers from the Holocaust Exhibition held in Melbourne in 1981.
  • First part of Masada College files.
  • Photos of Saul Symonds Kindergarten.
  • Australasian Union of Jewish Students, 1980-1985 (Jonathan Caplan).
  • Additional papers on genealogy and other topics. She is a past president of the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society and the australian Jewish Historical Society..

Shelf list: 29B Source: Leslie CAPLAN
Housing: 5 boxes Period: 1970-1993

Leslie Caplan, a lawyer, was a past president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the roof body of Australian Jewry, and the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies.He has played a prominent role in the life of the Australian Jewish community, including interfaith activities. See Leslie Caplan Collection. See also further files.

His papers include personal papers relating to his Presidency of the North Shore Synagogue (June 1974-Dec 1975) and membership (1970-1978). Correspondence, minutes and circulars. Papers and plans for the Sir Moses Montefiore Jewish Home, 1988 and the Jewish Cemetery Trust.

Shelf list: 30 Source: Aaron AARON
Housing: 18 boxes Period: 1953-2000

*Some material on restricted access re Sephardic Synagogue.

Aaron Aaron was born in India and educated in Bombay. As one of the founding members of the Sephardi Synagogue in Sydney in 1956, he continued to play an active role in the community, and in the Sydney Jewish Centre on Ageing till his death on July 24th 2000.

  • Personal papers. Newsclippings on the Sephardi Synagogue, 1956-1980, 1987.
  • 11 Photos.
  • Minutes, correspondence and circulars of the Sephardi Synagogue 1953-1978; 1982-1988; Silver Jubilee 1987; Minutes of the United Orthodox Synagogue Association 1962-1972 (incomplete), correspondence 1967-1969; Constitution material 1962. Sydney Jewish Centre on Ageing, 1984-1988. Historical notes on Sephardim and manuscript for book: The Sephardim of Australia and New Zealand, 1979. Circulars from the Australian Jewish Welfare Society, 1982-1997. See Aaron Aaron Collection.

Shelf list: 31 Source: Joseph SOLVEY
Housing: 2 boxes Period 1944-1986

Joseph Solvey was active for many years in the Zionist Federation, the Victorian Jewish Board of Deputies and E.C.A.J. He also published numerous newspaper articles on subjects of Jewish interest.

Shelf list: 32 Source: Nancy KEESING
Housing: 5 boxes + scrapbook Period: 1860s-1990

The late Nancy Keesing was a gifted and prolific writer of fiction and poetry, a critic, anthologist, social historian and editor. She was the author and editor of over 26 volumes. A member of a prominent Jewish family, she was a member, then chairperson of the Australian Council.

  • Correspondence, typescripts, and photos of family history of the Keesings. Papers from the N.S.W. Jewish War Memorial.
  • Papers of Shalom (2nd ed.), and Gael Hammer's Pomegranates, correspondence and personal papers. Two nineteenth century albums of family photos on mother's side: Hart and Michaelis families, Gotthelf, De Beer and Hallenstein (Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand), 1860s-1880s. Additional material from a cousin, Dr Robert Parker (Darwin) on the Hart, Hallenstein, Michaelis and Parker families is continuously being added. See Nancy Keesing Collection.

Shelf list: 33 Source: Agnes SCHWARTZ
Housing 2 boxes Period: 1960-1969; 1981-1982

  • 4 minute books of the Judaean Scouts 1960-1969
  • 3 wooden shields from the movement. Scrap book 1981-1982

Shelf list: 34 Source: Dr George E. GREGORY
Housing: 1 box Period: 1937-1971

The late Dr George E. Gregory was Wallenberg's secretary for a time. He was a high ranking Red Cross Officer on the Danube's left hand side. His collection contains documents and reports in Hungarian, German and French, and a report on the attempt to arm 40,000 to 60,000 inmates of Jewish forced Labour Companies against the Germans in Hungary in September and October 1944 (1971). The papers document the atrocities of the Holocaust. He also gave us a taped version of his memoirs. The transcribed version and an edited edition were given to the Archive by his son-in-law, Dr Andrew Parle. Dr Tom Kramer who published his Sydney University doctoral work (From Emancipation to Catastrophe: The Rise and Holocaust of Hungarian Jewry) used some of Gregory's material.

  • Typescripts, personal documents, letters. The personal documents were microfilmed for the Yad Vashem Archives and copy given to the Washington Holocaust Museum.See George Gregory Collection.

Shelf list: 35 Source: A/Prof. David COHEN
Housing: 4 boxes Period: 1941-1943; 1969-1985

David Cohen was A/Professor of Education at Macquarie University. His papers contain details of the foundation of the Jewish Day School System, and resource notes for Jewish teachers. Minutes of Masada College, 1969-1970, newsletters (1968-1973); correspondence, newsclippings, teacher education material; King David School, The Emanuel School, Moriah College.

Shelf list: 36 Source: Rabbi David FREEDMAN
Housing: 1 folder Period: March 6th 1918- April 20th 1918.

Rabbi David Freedman was the first Rabbi of the Perth Hebrew Congregation, and chaplain of the Armed Forces in the First World War. The photocopy of his diary gives details of his military activities and visits to Palestine and Egypt during 1918.

Shelf list: 37 Source: Harold BOAS
Housing: 1 folder Period: 1960s-1980

Harold Boas was regarded as the father figure of architecture and town planning in Western Australia. He was the son of Rev. Abraham Tobias Boas, first minister of the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation from 1870-1917.

  • Writings by Harold Boas. My Jewish Life and Associations; Father and Sons; Fanny Herman: A Daughter in Israel (1967); A Short History of the Kalgoorlie Hebrew Congregation (1901-1969) [1970]; The Great Old Man of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia (1970).
  • Biography of Reverend Abraham Boas (condensed from a full biography by Louise Rosenberg).

Shelf list: 38 Source: Harry LIPTON and Rachel MANDELBAUM
Housing: 1 box Period: 1940-1979

Harry Lipton, a printer by trade, was a German Jew who fled Nazi Germany for Shanghai and subsequently Australia. He married Rachel Mandelbaum (Jorden) in the fifties. The collection includes correspondence, family photographs and personal documents.

Rachel Mandelbaum was the daughter of Reverend Bezalel Mandelbaum who served as the minister of Broken Hill, assistant minister in Perth to Rabbi Freedman, and for eleven years as minister in Ballarat. Rachel obtained her B.A. and M.A. in literature from Sydney University, and taught for a number of years. An excellent businesswoman, she bequeathed $750,000 for the establishement of a Jewish College in sydney. This project was realised in 1996, with the opening of Mandelbaum House, a small Jewish college attached to the University of Sydney. Her files contain personal papers, photos and correspondence, as well as a photocopy of a letter she received from Sigmund Freud. Rachel Mandelbaum also established a music scholarship in memory of her sister, Rose Mandelbaum.

Shelf list: 39 Source: Eliyahu HONIG
Housing: 5 boxes Period: 1919-1996

Eliyahu Honig was the first Australian to play in the Maccabi Games (tennis), and comes from a family which has a long connection with Palestine. He was the Director of Special Projects in the Public Relations division of the Hebrew University, and former Deputy Vice-President. His book Zionism in Australia 1920-1939: the formative Years was published by the Mandelbaum Trust, the University of Sydney (Studies in Judaica, no 7) in 1997.

  • Photocopies of correspondence and minutes of the Australian Zionist Federation from the Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem, 1919-1948.
  • Background papers to the first, second and third Conferences of the Australian Zionist Federation.
  • Newsclippings (1920-1938).
  • Habonim background papers and zionist material of the 1940s.
  • Zionist youth magazines of the 1940s and early 1950s.
  • Some annual reports of Kadimah
  • See also Eliyahu Honig.

Shelf list: 40 Source: Ruby RICH-SCHALIT
Housing: 6 boxes Period: 1879-1986

Ruby Rich-Schalit, a gifted pianist in her youth, was one of Australia's earliest feminists, being one of the founders of the N.S.W. Council of Action for Equal Pay, established in 1937. In the 1930s she became the first Australian President of the Women's International Zionist Organisation and the founder of the Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in the 1960s. See Ruby Rich Collection.

  • Papers: Material relating to the Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (1961-1981) including scrapbook, minutes, correspondence, annual reports and newsclippings.
  • Papers on the International Bible Contest (1964-5; 1969); Australia/Israel Society for Cultural Exchange (1973, 1982).
  • Typescripts and articles by Ruby Rich, and A Part of Tomorrow (play).
  • Personal correspondence with Jewish musicians (including Hephzibah and Yehudi Menuhin).
  • Photos: family, from about 1879 - 1984, Torch of Learning Award, United Nations Peace Prize, 1976.

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