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Shelf List: 1  Source: Yehuda FEHER
Housing: 7 boxes  Period: 1940-1998

Yehuda Feher was a leader of the Shomrim zionist youth movement, and a leader in Jewish communal organisations. His collection represents the most significant collection of Australian Zionist Youth magazines known to exist in this country. The collection shows Australian Jewish youth at its activist best at the time when it galvanised the senior Jewish Community into action on behalf of European Jewry. Covers the period of the Shoah and the creation of the State of Israel. Some ephemera from the 1940's and later. He has just finished working on a biography of Percy Marks, whom he sees as a forgotten Australian Jewish intellectual. See Yehuda Feher Collection.

  • Titles include: Halapid, Habonim Shomrim Bulletin, The Young Zionist;
  • Papers: Australian Zionist Conference papers 1945-1966; 1976-1993. State Zionist Council reports, 1945-1949. Some Executive Council of Australian Jewry minutes 1980's. Holocaust Remembrance Committee of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies.(1983-1996) Sydney Jewish Museum (1995).
  • Newspaper clippings - Australia /Israel, Holocaust, Refugees, Zionism, 1940-1948. Zionist Youth 1952; Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty (Camp David) 1978-1979; Palestine Crisis 1947-48; Atlantic Charter 1945; Nuremburg Trials 1945; War Crimes Trials, Professor Eugene Kamenka and Professor Julius Stone.

Shelf List: 2   Source: Max JOSEPH
Housing: 14 boxes  Period: 1921-1971

A meticulously organised and documented collection of personal material on Germany and Australia. Dr Joseph was a doughty fighter for the rights of refugees and Jewish Holocaust survivors in Australia.The collection is important for the light it throws on Jewish immigration and the struggles of individuals to make their lives in a new country. Contains invaluable correspondence with political figures of the 40s and 50s giving insights into official attitudes to refugees. See Max Joseph Collection.

  • Papers: Material relating to the pre-holocaust period in Germany, 1935-1938.
  • Business papers from Berlin.
  • Early years in Australia (1939-44), including documents relating to internment at Tatura.
  • New Citizens' Association - records, minutes and daily correspondence.
  • 'The New Citizen' from 1945-54.
  • Personal papers and involvement in the Jewish community, 1942-68.
  • The papers relating to the establishment of the North Shore Temple Emanuel, 1960-66.

Shelf List: 3   Source: Maurice ISAACS
Housing: 2 boxes  Period: 1929-1969

Maurice Isaacs, a lawyer by profession, was active in the leadership of the Jewish community in the 1940s and 1950s, especially in the Young Men's Hebrew Association and B'nai B'rith. His papers represent those interests and include annual reports and papers of the Y.M.H.A. 1929-53, and copies of his own contributions to the Australian Jewish Forum 1941-48.See Maurice Isaacs Collection.

Shelf List: 4   Source: Sam KARPIN
Housing: 9 boxes Period: 1945-1983

Sam Karpin was involved in many organisations, but he is best known for his role in the Y.M.H.A. and as a founder and mainstay of the Wolper Jewish Hospital, Sydney. His papers provide a profile of the Wolper's activities and include material from its inception to the early 1980s. See Sam Karpin Collection.

  • Papers: Y.M.H.A. minutes 1952-55. Misc. documents of Y.M.H.A. & Young Women's Hebrew Association, 1955-67 (remaining minutes are in Mr Karpin's hands.)
  • 'Y.M.H.A. News' 1945-54 (vol. 16, no. 1-25, no.2).
  • Wolper Hospital: Treasurer's records from 1950s-1978. Material relating to the founding of the hospital. 2 scrap books of PR material on the hospital. Over 60 photographs.

Shelf List: 5  Source: Max FREILICH
Housing: 3 boxes  Period: 1926-1974

Some of the personal correspondence and assorted papers of a leading Australian Zionist whose personal friendships with Australian and Diaspora personalities gave him a special role in Australian Zionist history.

  • Papers: Correspondence with the Jewish Agency, 1962. Presidential reports and minutes of plenary sessions of State Zionist Councils of Victoria and N.S.W., 1956-60. Extracts of references to Australia from Zionist Archives in Jerusalem 1929-46. Ephemera of a personal nature. Record of Jewish organisations in Australia, 1900. Various minutes of Board of Deputies and SZC of NSW, 1974-75.See Max Freilich Collection.
  • Book: Zion in our Time, Max Freilich's autobiography, Sydney, 1967.

Shelf List: 6   Source: Edward LANE
Housing: 1 folder Period: 1925, 1984

Personal memoirs of Australian Navy, 1925. Mr Lane, who was a professional photographer, took 87 photographs of the Montefiore Home for the Archive, before his death in 1984. See also PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTION

Shelf List: 7  Source: Maurice LASERSON
Housing: 2 boxes Period: 1937-1959

Maurice Laserson was a social worker involved with the resettlement of Jewish refugees. His papers reflect his work with O.R.T. and his connections with Australian Jewish colleagues. See Max Laserson Collection.

Some files are on DVD.

  • Papers: Personal correspondence 1933-34 on plight of German Jewish refugees: O.R.T. PR material in Australia, Exhibition of Paintings by Jewish Artists in Sydney 1951.
  • Writings and publications: Articles of J.M. Machover, Walter Lippmann, Rabbi Schenk, and his own articles 1937-57.

Shelf List: 8  Source: Mark BRAHAM
Housing 5 boxes Period: 1904-1987

Mark Braham, author, journalist and businessman, is the author of Jews Don't Hate, a book which describes his role in the controversy which wracked the Jewish community in the 60s and saw the closure of the Australian Jewish Herald. His papers are mostly related to this incident. See Mark Braham Collection.

  • Papers: Correspondence relating to: the closure of the Herald; murder of Jacob Israel de Haan, 1924, Lecturer at Government Law School, Jerusalem; Desmond Stewart's biography of Herzl, 1924; Kemnitzer Magid; "Jews Don't Hate". Correspondence with Harold Boas; Julius Stone; Joachim Schneeweiss.
  • Articles and writings: 'The Usurpers: the Conspiracy Against the Jews', unpublished typescript, 351 pp. Various articles, editorials. The Jewish Commentary (ed. Mark Braham), vol. 1, issue 1-vol. 3, issue 4 (1983-1988).

Shelf List: 9  Source: Alec W. SHEPPARD
Housing: 1 folder Period: 1940-1986

Newspaper clippings and articles by Alex Sheppard on his activities on behalf of Jewish refugees against anti-semitism and for the State of Israel. Alec Sheppard worked for military intelligence in the Middle East, and for some years was the publisher of Morgan Publications. Card of Rabbi Freedman (army chaplain).

Shelf List: 10  Source: Sir John MONASH
Housing: 1 folder Period: 1927-1928

Sir John Monash, well known soldier and politician was the hon. president of the Zionist Federation from its establishment in 1927 to his death in 1931. Most of Monash's papers reflecting his Zionist interests cannot be located. However, 4 photocopies of items preserved in the Australian National University files are held in the Archive. Most of his records are in the National Archives of Australia. See also Sir John Monash Collection.

Shelf List: 11  Source: Arie EVEN
Housing: 1 folder Period: 1970s

Arie (& Shula) Even was the Education Shaliah (emissary) of the World Zionist Organisation in the 1970s.

  • Photographs and press cuttings - Israel and Australia; Israel's 30th Anniversary celebrations. Australia and Israel material.

Shelf List: 12  Source: Dr KATZ
Housing: 2 boxes Period: 1947-1960

Views of Israel in the 40s, 50s and 60s, culled from the press and mounted on paper.

Shelf List: 13   Source: Harold KRESNER
Housing: 1 folder Period:1916-1975

Memorabilia from his life as an Australian Zionist of his days with the Zion Mule Corps (World War I) and later. See Harold Kresner Collection.

Shelf List: 14  Source: Michael FALK (Rabbi Leib Aisack FALK)
Housing: 1 box Period: 1929-1950

The late Rabbi Leib Falk, the grandfather of Michael Falk was instrumental in breaking the stranglehold of the Great Synagogue as the bastion of Anti-Zionist 'Anglo-Jewry' in Australia. His role in transforming the attitudes of Australian 'Anglo-Jewry' has been told in part in Max Freilich's Zion in Australia (see Shelf list 5 above). See also Michael Falk Collection

  • Papers: Memorabilia, correspondence with Ze'ev Jabotinsky, and newspaper clippings.
  • Documents of 1st and 2nd Women's International Zionist Federation conferences, 1929 and 1932.
  • Printed matter: Issues of the Australian Jewish Chronicle, Sydney, 1930-31, and various separate issues of Australian Jewish journals.
  • Photos: 12 prints including the 1929 Zionist Federation Conference, the New Zionist Association (1940) and Rabbi L.A. Falk.
  • Additional pamphlets and memorabilia presented on 15th August 2001, including Orders of Service and items from the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation. One particulary interesting item is the Order of Service for the re-opening of the Bourke Street Synagogue, Melbourne on Sunday 24th September 1905. The service, at which Rabbi Dr Joseph Abrahams officiated, and the Rev Joel Falk assisted is printed on pale mauve linen.

Shelf List: 15  Source: Dr Solomon GOLDBERG
Housing: 2 folders 1952-1962

Dr Goldberg was a tireless worker in the Fellowship of Jewish Doctors, The N.S.W Friends of the Hebrew University and as a Champion of Israel. He worked hard to establish a sheep farm in the Shephelah (coastal area) of Israel using Australian sheep, sending between 2,000-3,000 Corriedales in a highly successful airlift. The collection of typescripts, newspaper clippings and some 80 photographs cover the venture from its inception in 1953.

Shelf List: 16  Source: Maurice de BERG
Housing: 1 folder Period: 1929-1979

Maurice de Berg, who died in September 1994 became an active worker in the Zionist movement after he migrated to this country from Britain in the 1920s. He was present at the inaugural meeting of the Junior Union of Sydney Zionists in 1927 and remained actively interested in zionism all his life. His personal correspondence relates to zionism in the 1920s and 1930s. His sister in law was the late Hazel de Berg, who recorded a large number of taped interviews now kept in the National Library, Canberra, and another is married to the prominent doctor, Prof. Ronald Penny. See Maurice De Berg Collection.

  • Papers: Correspondence with Jewish National Fund, Union of Sydney Zionists, Rabbi Falk's Study Circle, David Selby. Reference to the Kimberley plan.
  • Printed matter: Various newspaper articles, two copies of The Young Zionistv1 no1 (February 1934); v1 no 4 ( May 1934) and a report from the Young Zionist League of New South Wales from its inception 12th November 1933 to 15th march 1935.

Shelf List: 17  Source: Kurt LEWINSKI (d. 1996)
Housing: 1 volume+ diary Period: 1940-1945

The late Kurt Lewinski was on the Duneraand was subsequently interned at Hay and Tatura. The diary consists of 120 pp. describing events aboard Dunera and in the camps, and concludes with a description of life in the 8th Australian Employment Co., 1942-45. A first-hand source for studies of the Dunera affair and the internment camps.

Shelf List: 18  Source: Cyril PEARL 
Housing: 2 boxes Period: 1941-1983

Cyril Pearl was a prolific writer with a well-developed investigative sense. His book, The Dunera Affair, was an important study of that unhappy incident in the early war period which both the British and Australian governments are still trying to cover up from scrutiny. The Dunera brought many foreign migrants to Australia who later became major artists, writers and scholars.

  • Papers: The Pearl papers are the raw material/original sources used in his volume on Dunera and the camps. They include ephemera from the Hay camp, newspaper cuttings about the Dunera affair, 1941-1983. Hansard extracts, 1940-41 on aliens and refugees. Graphics and photographs of the Dunera and Hay. Letters to Ruth Swann from Hay. Papers from Internment Camp at Orange 1941 - 1943 are included in this collection. See Cyril Pearl Collection. which is also on DVD.

Shelf List: 19  Source: Sidney MULLER
Housing: 36 boxes Period: 1950-1979 * Restricted access

Sidney Muller was a prominent member of Bnai Brith and was active in the Jewish Board of Deputies. His B'nai B'rith materials represent the activities of that organisation, both local and national, from 1964-1967. See Sidney Muller Collection

  • Papers: Letters, files and documents of B'nai B'rith, 1964-79. Letters and files of the Jewish Board of Deputies, with miscellaneous minutes, 1975-78, and the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, 1969-80.
  • Publications: B'nai B'rith handbooks, 1964-79. Overseas Jewish periodicals (broken runs), newspaper articles, 1969-79.
  • Tapes: Tapes of B'nai B'rith International - the concerns of Jews world-wide.

Shelf List: 20   Source: Ben Zion PATKIN
Housing: 16 boxes Period: 1927-1983

Ben Zion Patkin, Zionist pioneer and Melbourne communal personality with an especial interest in Hebrew as the common language of the Jewish people, had an extensive collection of documents which, until his death, were available to but few researchers. Mr Patkin offered copies of items thought to be irretrievably lost to the Archive. His widow, Hemda Patkin, gave her husband's papers to the Archive over a number of years. She died in August 2003. See Ben Zion Patkin Collection.

  • Papers: The papers include minutes and records of early Zionist Federation meetings believed to have been lost. Minutes, Vic. State Zionist Council 1978-1983, and Zionist Federation 1970-1978. Various letters, 1934-1936. Ha-Kenes Ha-Ivri; papers on "The Dunera Affair" and correspondence, 1946; 1965-1983; correspondence and clippings of Magen David Adom, 1941-73; Israel Philharmonic Orchestra 1936-1983; correspondence re Australian tours 1962, 1966, 1978, and programmes, Australian Jewish Historical Society 1979-1983. Publications: Ivriah - Eretz-Israel Society, plus a history in Hebrew by Ben Zion Patkin and correspondence re the 7th. Ivriah Purim Ball(1937) and subscriptions to the Ivriah School (1939). Trade with Israel papers. 3 minute books of Brit Ivrit Olamit 1962-1981. First visit of Maccabi-Eretz Israel Soccer Team to Australia (1939); International Club (1939 - 1955). Tatura memorabilia, 1942-1943 +"Fragments of the 'Tatura' Story."
  • Publications: The Dunera Affair. and Mt Scopus College; articles (published and unpublished).

    For information on the Dunera (cf Collection 17,18,20) see Dunera