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Association of Jewish Refugees

6/9/43-24/9/45 1 book

Founded 1940s.

In Max Joseph Collection..

Association of New Citizens

30/10/45-11/5/54 1 book

Founded to succeed the Association of Jewish Refugees when the War ended.

With Max Joseph Collection.

The Australasian Union of Jewish Students

1971-1992 100+ boxes

A "Union of Jewish Students" was founded at Sydney University in 1948, its first President being Joachim Schneeweiss. AUJS now acts as the roof body for twenty three campus societies in Australia and New Zealand. Its activities provide political, educational, social and religious programs for its members.
See Australasian Union of Jewish Students

Correspondence, travel brochures, journals, A.U.J.S. Information Kits, Hillel (1971-1982) - correspondence, minutes, audio tapes of "You don't have to be Jewish." (4/2/1980 - 16/4/1989 + tapes from Israel).

Australian Association of Jewish Studies

1988-2001+ 10 boxes

Founded in 1988 by Dr Bill Rubinstein, Dr Evan Zuesse, Dr Suzanne Rutland and others as an academic association of Jewish studies in Australia. Though not large, the association holds annual conferences, and papers from these conferences are published in the Australian Journal of Jewish Studies. The journal (formerly entitled Menorah ) is published once a year, though earlier issues appeared twice a year. All articles are refereed and indexed in RAMBI. The organisation also produces a newsletter, which appears at irregular intervals.

See also Australian Association of Jewish Studies
Correspondence, archives of the association, newspaper cuttings, back journals of the Association and newsletters.

Australian Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

1936-1983 1 box

Founded in 1936 as the Palestine Orchestra with Arturo Toscanini as its first conductor. The first Australian tour was in 1962.

Correspondence, newspaper cuttings, concert programmes.
With Ben Zion Patkin Collection.

Australian Institute for Holocaust Studies

1981-1988 1 folder

Founded in 1987, after an international Holocaust conference in 1985, to promote teaching and research, develop educational resources, and document the Holocaust. It was responsible for conducting the Twelfth Hour Project, the interviewing and recording of over 120 Holocaust testimonies from 1988-1992. Since its establishment, a Jewish Museum has been set up in Sydney and numerous projects initiated. It has now merged with the Australian Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors. The papers were donated by Drs Margot and David Cohen.

The Australian Jewish Quarterly Foundation

1963-1973 (The Bridge) 1 folder

Established 1963 under aegis of former Consul for Israel S.Z. Laor. The first function was to publish The Bridge, a quarterly Jewish magazine. The Foundation sponsored numerous publications other than The Bridge, some for special community occasions.

Proofs of The Bridge, and the periodical The Bridge
Articles on Jewish writers in Australia, Yiddish poets, theatre and Jewish education.

Brit Ivrit Olamit

1927-1982 3 volumes

Founded with the aim of spreading knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish culture among Jews throughout the world. The Australian branches in Sydney and Melbourne have been active since the sixties.

Minute books (Melbourne) 14/7/62 - 19/11/1982. With Ben Zion Patkin Collection

Council of Christians and Jews (NSW)

1942-1948; 1988-2011.

The Council of Christians and Jews was founded in Sydney in 1943. The international body which became the ICCJ ( International Council of Christians and Jews) was founded in London in 1942 in response to the conditions facing world Jewry during the Holocaust., The planned annihilation of all Jews, systematically being carred out by the Nazis during World War 11 was becoming clear. The inaugural general meeting was attended by Rabbi Israel Porush, senior rabbi of the Great Synagogue, who became one of the main instigators of the CCJ in NSW. He was greatly helped by the anglican bishop Venn Pilcher, whose work for refugees, many of them Jewish, is well known.Anglican and Catholics wroked together with him. The CCJ functioned till 1948, when interest waned, and the immediate threat of antisemitism associated with the war had abated. the crunch came when doantions for a printing project were solicaited adna there was stony response. The Archive of Austarlian judaica has some papers from this era, obtained from the anglican archives at St Andrew's Sydney..

In 1974 Rabbi Raymond Apple established the Jewish/Christian Luncheon Club, as the time was not yet ripe to refound the CCJ, there being some resistance on eh part of certain Christian heads of churches. The CCJ Luncheon Club continues to meet in the City, for talks by Jewish and Christian speakers, now on a monthly basis (instead of bi-monthly) at the Great Synagogue, Pittt Street Uniting Church or St Stephen's. The CCJ in New South Wales (Melbourne founded a CCJ in 1985) was re-founded in 1988 by Sr Shirley Sedawie (NDS), Sr Lenore Sharry (NDS), Rabbi Apple of the Great Synagogue, Rev Bern Stevens of the Uniting Church and Major Gerben Stelstra (Salvation Army) and some others. Heads of churches and Jewish representatives were invited to participate as foundation members of the CCJ, and to send representatives to an inaugural meeting. A steering committee was established, with the first AGM taking place in 1989. A national body, the Australian Council of Christians and Jews (ACCJ) was inaugurated in December 1991. Most states now have a CCJ, or a dialogue group, with the exception of Tasmania and the Northern Territory. The documents outline the history of the CCJ and some key events. The full archives (from 1987-2013) currently are with the secretary of the New South Wales Council of Christians and Jews at 2 Devine Street, Erskineville.

Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ correspondence+ early correspondence)


Three folders of correspondence to the secretary of the International Council of Christians and Jews, the Rev Bill Simpson, donated by Ruth Weyl, consultant to the International Council of Christians and Jews.

The first folder contains correspondence from New South Wales in the 1940s and Melbourne in 1959 and 1960. The letters from Australia are signed by Rabbi R. Brasch, Rabbi H. Sanger, Rabbi Israel Porush, Bishop Venn Pilcher, Evelyn Rothfield, and the Victorian Jewish Board of Deputies.

The second folder details the attempt to establish a Council in Victoria in the 1960s, and the attempt in the early 1970s by Rabbi Apple to set up a Council in Sydney.

The third folder has some early New Zealand correspondence(1946-1967).

The NSW Council in the 1940s lasted a short time. There was an attempt to start a Council in Melbourne in 1960, Archbishop Mannix and Archbishop F.Woods as well as Isi Leibler, and Rabbis Herman Sanger and Gutnick attending the inaugural meeting, in 1961, but Victoria not succeed in establishing a Council till 1985. New South Wales followed in 1987.

A fourth folder (copies by CCJ Vic Secretary Liz Parker) contains copies of correspondence and early memoranda recovered from the Jesuit Provincial Archives in Melbourne. This includes letters from Rev Noel Heir (SJ), Cardinal Gilroy, Rev J. Freeman, and a copy of the United states of America Protest, Catholic and Jewish Joint Declaration on World Peace, 7th October 1943. Also filed with this collection is Annette Achilles' BA Hons Thesis (Latrobe University) 1989. "Jewish-Christian Relations in Melbourne."

Daughters of Zion

12/4/27-12/5/36 1 volume (3 fiche)

A Queensland-based women's Zionist organisation. Activities included raising money and collecting parcels for relief in Palestine.

Minute book
With Microfiche collection.

Executive Council of Australian Jewry

1/1952-8/1973 ; 12/1945 - 31/12/ 1998. 117 archive boxes *Restricted access

The E.C.A.J. is the roof body of all the Jewish community organisations throughout Australia. It was established in 1945. Its principal constituents are the State Boards of Deputies which represent the state constituents to the E.C.A.J. It has no direct franchise members. Its headquarters rotate trienially between Sydney and Melbourne. See Executive Council of Australian Jewry (1950 -1998)

Correspondence, files, reports, circulars, minutes (various), agendas, invitations, receipts, seminar papers.

Claims for funds for different causes of Jews in Arab countries Claims against Germany

See Material claims against Germany
  • Press clippings
  • Finance
  • Functions
  • Immigration
  • Sephardim: India, Philippines, Shanghai, Taiwan
  • Smith's Weekly affair. 1948-49

The Ezra Association (Perth members)

1965-1980. The Association raises money for the care of mothers and babies in Israel. The papers, donated by Mrs J. Stosser of Bentleigh detail the activities of the Mount Lawley Branch of Ezra
  • Receipts and cash book
  • Correspondance to Mrs Joan Blank, Perth and newsclippings (1970-1975)
  • Ezra correspondence 1977-1981.

Jewish Council to Combat Fascism and Anti-Semitism

1940s-1969 5 boxes (microfilm [6] + originals)

The Council was an effective and dedicated vehicle for the fighting of anti-semitism in a period before the roof bodies of the community were fully capable of dealing effectively with the problem. Correspondence, minutes, annual reports, pamphlets and magazines were donated by the late Lou Jedwab. The material also has been filmed for the State Library of Victoria and the National Library, Canberra.

See Jewish Council to Combat Fascism and Anti-Semitism

Jewish Territorial Organisation

1901 -1912 (microfiche)

The original collection is housed in the Central Zionist Archives in Jerusalem, and consists of letters from such personalities as Harold Boas (Perth and B.A Lewinson (Melbourne), and A.M.Hyman (Sydney) to the secretary of the Jewish Territorial Organisation in London, Israel Zangwell. Also included is the first annual report of the Perth Branch of the Jewish Territorial Organisation (1907).

See Jewish Territorial Organisation

Jewish National Fund

(microfiche) (14/3/44-23/10/46)

Jewish State Appeal

(microfiche) (1/2/48-31/3/50)

Aid for Israel Committee

(microfiche) (19/11/52-18/5/53)

United Israel Appeal

(microfiche) (18/3/53-27/6/54)
Papers : Minutes, correspondence, publicity articles, speeches, brochures, annual reports (1969-1981).

Jewish Young Men's Russian Relief Fund

(microfiche) 2nd-16th May 1882

Minutes and notes over seven pages of this small Melbourne based group.

Magen David Adom

1941-1973 2 boxes

Founded in Tel Aviv in 1930 as a First Aid Society, its branches spread all over the world. A branch was founded in Australia in 1941. The papers detail its activities in sending money, food and clothing to Israel and Europe during the war years, and its aid to refugees.

Correspondence, newspaper cuttings, photos.
With Ben Zion Patkin Collection

New South Wales Board of Jewish Education

11/12/1873-1985 15 volumes (microfiche)

In 1862 the Rev. A.B. Davis was appointed as the Principal of the Sydney Jewish Sabbath School. The N.S.W. Board of Jewish Education was formed by Rabbi Cohen in 1909, from the amalgamation of the Sabbath School and Sydney Jewish Education Boards.

Minute books, annual reports 1910-1985, Sydney Jewish Sabbath School, 1864-1886, Sydney Jewish Education Board, 1883-1893; 1902-1905. Correspondence of Sydney Jewish Sabbath School.

In 1979 the New South Wales Board of Jewish Education published a history to mark its 70th anniversary. See Maurice H. Kellerman, History 1909-1979, with Background Summary 1863-1909.
With Microfiche collection.

New South Wales Fellowship of Jewish Doctors

1954-1984 2 boxes *Restricted Access

The Fellowship was founded by Dr Jusik Friedman who migrated to Australia in 1938. Having completed his retraining during the war years, he was in a position to help those refugee Jewish doctors who subsequently sought asylum in Australia.

2 minute books, correspondence.

See Suzanne D. Rutland, Take Heart Again. The Story of a Fellowship of Jewish Doctors , Sydney, The Fellowship of Jewish Doctors of New South Wales, 1983.

New South Wales Friends of the Hebrew University

31/5/36-15/1/45 2 volumes 1959+ (imp.) 1 box 1970+

The N.S.W.F.H.U. was the first Australian 'Friends' to be established. It is linked to the federal body of the F.H.U.,and engages in support work for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, by fundraising and PR. The early minutes are an invaluable source for the contribution of individuals to Israel-oriented activities.

Minute books, annual reports, year books, correspondence, general papers, publications.
Australia House, Hebrew University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies

29/7/45-22/8/72 49 boxes 1938 - 1974; 1980s-1999 ; B1- 78 + folders *Restricted Access

The Board, founded in 1944, is the State forum for all NSW Jewish Community organisations. Having some general franchise members, it speaks for the Australian Jewish community to officialdom. It's various departments are charged with keeping a watching brief on matters of interest to the community.

Minute books (microfiche), correspondence, invoices, invitations, minutes (various), press releases, calendars, newscuttings, information sheets, speeches, photos, publications & lists. Cuttings on matters of Australian Jewish concern from Australian newspapers. From 1980's -1999 Diane Shteinman Collection on Soviet Jewry and Peter Wertheim Collection.

See New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies

  • Concentration Camps
  • Finance and legalities
  • Israel
  • Migration
  • Public relations
  • Shanghai
  • Social functions
  • Soviet Jewry
  • Welfare
  • Youth

Shalom Organisation

3/11/80-20/9/83 1 folder

The Shalom Organisation was founded in 1980 as a support system for Russian-Jewish immigrants. By 1984, few Russian Jews were coming to Australia, and the other arrivals had learnt English and did not need the services of the organisation, which was affiliated with the Australian Jewish Welfare Association in 1983. Papers donated by Henry Pearl. Eva Helpgott was an English teacher in this organisation.

Minutes, press reports, programmes and constitution. 8 photos.

State Zionist Council of New South Wales

27/10/41-11/12/69 10 volumes (microfiche) *Restricted Access 1969-1981 21 boxes

The S.Z.C. is the current organisation representing the Israel-centred interests of the Jewish community. It succeeds the Hoveve Zion Movement and the Union of Sydney Zionists in this role. Its early work was in seeking support for establishing a Jewish State. Its current work tends to be in public relations and youth and educational activities. It is the State forum for Zionist groups.

Minutes (microfiche), plus correspondence, publicity articles, speeches, brochures, annual reports(1969-1981).

The following records are part of the SZC microfiche collection above, copied in 1984.

  • Aid for Israel Committee (19/11/1952-18/5/1950)
  • Bnai Akivah
  • Habonim
  • Jewish National Fund
  • Jewish State Appeal (11/2/1948-31/5/1950)
  • Keren Hayesod ( Federal & State) (11/6/44-20/6/46)
  • Zionist Council of New Zealand (14/3/1945-12/8/1947 imp.)
  • State Zionist Council of Queensland (18/1/1945-24/4/1947)
  • State Zionist Council of Western Australia (1/4/45-21/1/47) imp.
  • Women's International Zionist Organisation
  • United Israel Appeal (18/3/1953-27/6/1954)

State Zionist Council of Victoria

25/10/21-18/3/69 16 volumes (microfiche) 1 box *Restricted Access

For a description, see S.Z.C. of N.S.W. The first annual meeting of the Victorian Zionist League was held in March 1903.

Minute books (microfiche) See as for N.S.W.

Sydney Jewish Centre on Ageing

1983 + 1 box

Founded in 1982 with Myer Kangan as the first president. The Centre provides domiciliary care for the Jewish aged which includes kosher "Meals on Wheels", visiting and bringing people to the Centre for various activities such as lectures and exercise classes.

Printed papers, seminars.
Demography, health and lifestyles. Sydney "old" Jews. Seminar at the Centre in May 1986. Minutes 25/1/1983 - 26/8/1986.

United Hebrew Friendly Society

1918-7/11/73 10 volumes

The United Hebrew Friendly Society was formed in 1920 by the amalgamation of three Jewish organisations (Queen Esther Lodge [a women's lodge], the Jewish section of the Druids, and Eits Hachayim, Sydney No 1) whose members belonged to families that had migrated from Britain in the early 1900s. The earliest annual return sheet is date 1918, and professions of those registered include: traveller, dealer, fruiterer, cabinet maker, tailor, cutter, confectioner, milliner, cutter, and fishmonger. In 1935, these same professions are listed as well as: taxi driver, engraver, store keeper, polisher and pawnbroker. The collection was donated by Julius Karpin, who, from 1920, acted as secretary of the Society, which looked after War Loans and sickness benefits. Mr Karpin, himself, whose father, Hyman, was a cabinet maker, and a member of Eits Hachayim Lodge, was born in London in 1902.

Minutes, attendance books at meetings and account books. War loans. Sickness benefits. Funeral benefits.

Zionist Federation of Australia and New Zealand

8/2/45-11/12/69 10 volumes 1927-1970 (microfiche) 1977-1981 (22 boxes) 1957-1993 (131 boxes) *Restricted Access See Zionist Federation of Australia 1957-1993. Detailed list of records.

Summary See also ZFA Youth List 1977 to 1981 which includes a short explanation of the Zionist Federation administrative history.

The ZFA was established in 1927 to co-ordinate the activities of the State Zionist Councils of Australia. Its first president was Rabbi Israel Brodie, later Chief Rabbi of the Empire, and its first Hon. President was General Sir John Monash.

Minute books, minutes (plenary sessions), correspondence, newscuttings, finance, youth congresses, lists, notices. Biennial conferences. 114 boxes of new material have been added to the archives since 1992.

In late 1994, early Australian zionist material in the Central Zionist Archives was microfilmed for the Archive. (1894 - 1929). A second filming was ordered in 1995, so that Australian material in the Central Zionist Archives is filmed up to 1940. For details see Early Australian Zionism. Monograph No 9, 13-25. Following a third visit to Israel in 1997, a supplementary listing to 1970 was compiled of Australian material in the Central Zionist Archives Early Ausralian Zionism. 1901 -1970. Part 2. Monograph no 12



Records held in Archive of Australian Judaica


Victorian State Zionist Council Minutes 25th September 1921- 18th March 1969.
  • Plenary Sessions of the ZFANZ 1927 to 1970. 5th is missing (1936).
  • Zionist Federation of Australia and New Zealand Minutes 8th Feb 1945-27th November 1968.
  • New South Wales State Zionist Council Minutes 1941-1966.
  • Queensland State Zionist Council 1945-1947. Originals in Brisbane.
  • Western Australian State Zionist Council 1945-1947. Originals may be at W.A. office?
  • New Zealand State Zionist Council 1945-1947. Originals in NZ office?


  • Archives 1957-1993 (sent from Beit Weizman when closed in 1993). Records include all the minutes listed as being on microfiche and originals, except for the original minute book of the Young Zionist Society 1921-1923 (original missing, but microfiches made by Archive in 1984. 114 archive boxes
  • Originals SZC Vic minutes 1980-Nov 1990.
  • Originals ZFA Minutes and reports 1957-1989.
  • Originals SZC NSW 1980-1989.


    Youth series 1967-1987 ZFA (majority of files from 1977 - 1981). 7 archive boxes . See ZionistYouth list

  • Conference of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and Charities. 1952-64. G1-6 and C1-8. 14 archive boxes. Schedule available from Archive.
  • Archives ZFA Series H, I, and J.
  • AZYC and Youth Aliya 1979 - 1985. 14 archive boxes. Schedule available from Archive.

Archives (affiliated) (sent by AUJS office in Bet Weizman in 1994)

Australasian Union of Jewish Students (from 1970's to 1980's).
  • (1985-92).
  • 36 archive boxes (small amount on zionism)

2) Microfiche

  • Daughters of Zion Microfiche 12.4.1927-12.5.1936 (originals were in Brisbane JNF office in 1988).
  • Jewish National Fund of New South Wales Minutes Book [12th March 1944-23rd October 1946]..
  • Keren Hayesod ( Federal & State) 1944-46 on microfiche.


  • United Israel Appeal 1944-46.
  • State Zionist Council of New Zealand 1944-46.
  • State Zionist Council of Queensland 1944-46.
  • State Zionist Council of Western Australia 1944-46.
  • State Zionist Council of Victoria 1944-46.
  • Zionist Federation of Australia and New Zealand 1944-46.

3) Originals

Women's International Zionist Organisation.

Founded by Rieke Cohen as Ivriah. Ivriah's principal objective was in assisting in the restoration of Eretz Yisrael. In 1937 Ivriah, Sydney, became affiliated with WIZO, and changed its name to WIZO: Ivriah. In 1938 the organisation adopted the name Women's International Zionist Organisation (WIZO). WIZO works for the welfare, continuity of Jewish community life, and the improvement of the educational standards of women. Only a handful of annual reports as follows:

  • WIZO State Council of New South Wales. f. 1935
  • Annual general meeting
  • 25th (1968); 35th-39th (1978-82)


  • Zionist Federation of Australian Inventory of Records 1957-1993
  • Zionist Youth Series 1970s.
  • State Zionist Council 1970-1978 (from SZC offices in Sydney)
  • Yehuda Feher Collection (shelf list 1) Michael Falk collection (shelf list 14);
  • Maurice De Berg Collection (shelf list 16); Benzion Patkin (shelf list 20)


1. Yehuda Feher Collection. Zionist Youth Magazines 1941-1947, 1952, 1953, 1959. Minutes, Press cuttings on zionism 1943/4.

2. Michael A. Falk collection.

  • Photo of 1929 ZFANZ conference (2nd ).
  • photograph New Zionist Society of 1940s.
  • Letter of Rabbi Falk to Central Zionist Committee of New South Wales, August 28, 1947, 2pp.
  • Letter from Falk to Vladimir Jabotinsky, 19 January 1939 (photocopy).

3. Maurice De Berg Collection.

  • The Young Zionist: official organ of the Young Zionist League of N.S.W. v.1 no 1, February 1934, (4pp); v1 no 4, May 1934 (6 pp)
  • Typescript of Dr Benzion Shein's farewell message to the Young Zionist League of Sydney (no date), signed by Dr Shein in pencil.
  • Handwritten letter of congratulations to the Young zionist League by Israel Brodie (no date).
  • Typed letter signed by L .A.. Falk of congratulations to the Young Zionist League.
  • Notice of inaugural meeting of the Junior Union of Sydney Zionists, 11 November 1927.
  • Correspondence of Junior YZL till 1937.
  • Report of the Young Zionist League of New South Wales, from its inception 12th November 1933 to present date-15th March 1935, 4pp.

4. Benzion Patkin Collection. What is most significant is a handwritten report marked third ZFA Conference, Melbourne 1934, but which consists of some handwritten minutes from the fourth ZFA conference.

No minutes seem to have have survived of the 5th ZFA conference held in 1935 (mentioned in some documentation).


1. Zionist Federation of Australia. Inventory of Records: 1957-1993 [originally housed at Beit Weizman] . Detailed List Australian Zionist records

2. Zionist Federation of Australia - 1977 - 1981 [originally housed in State Zionist Office of NSW]

3. State Zionist Council of New South Wales - 1959-1983 [originally housed in State Zionist Office of NSW]

Schedules of Significent Australian Zionist Material in Individual Collections

5. Yehuda Feher Collection. Zionist youth magazines 1941-1950s. Various minutes.

6. Michael Falk Collection Photos and photocopies of letter of Rabbi Falk to Jabotinsky.

7. Ben Zion Patkin Collection. 1930s minutes of ZFA biennial meetings. Various minutes and publications. Also a full set of The Zionist (1943-1952)