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Adelaide Hebrew Congregation

1870-1982 * Restricted access

The first minister of the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation was the Rev. Abraham Tobias Boas. The community dates from 1848.

Adelaide Hebrew Congregation: minutes (1960-1978); orders of Service 1871, 1887; Seat Registers 1886-1947; Cash Registers (1903-1978); letters and deeds (1862-1892); Minutes of Adelaide Philanthropic Society (1902-1982); Adelaide Jewish Ladies Benevolent Society (1926-1940); Adelaide Jewish Women's Guild (1902-1982); records of Hebrew School 91962, 1980); Harold Boas' papers (1914-1918); Bris Book 1871-1917 (photocopy) of Rev. A.T. Boas: Diary of Rev. A.T. Boas (1893-1894); Records of Broken Hill Synagogue (1936-1955). Yarchon, v.1, no.1, v.2, no.1 (Aug.1949-July 1950).

* The archivist listed these archives during a week's visit in 1988, when the synagogue was still at Arundle Street, before the move to Glenside. However, permission was refused for microfilming.

Ballarat Hebrew Congregation

1861-1954 Folder

Services for the Day of Atonement were first held in Ballarat in 1853, but the first record of a synagogue is a report of the consecration of one on November 12th, 1855, with Rev. David Isaacs as its Minister. The foundation stone of the present Ballarat Synagogue was laid in 1860.

99th annual report, 1954. The unpublished work of Nathan F. Spielvogel. The Annals of the Ballarat Hebrew Congregation (1927, revised in 1934). Order of Service for the consecration of the Ballarat Hebrew Synagogue, Barkly Street, Sunday, Nissan 6th 5621=March 17th, 1861 (2pp, photocopy).
PDF version of typed reconstruction of Ballarat Order of Service for the consecration of the synagogue.

Bankstown Hebrew Congregation 1967- 1976

1 Archive Box
The Bankstown Synagogue (founded 1913) was burnt down through arson in March 1991, but one minute book survived, which dates from 21st July 1967 to 11th February 1976. Although mud stained, the minutes are clearly readable. Initially they were preserved in the Uniting Church Archives, before being passed on to the Archive. As the congregation was small, the synagogue was not rebuilt.

Brisbane Hebrew Congregation

1861-1946 Microfilm

The community was founded in 1865, and the synagogue built on its present site in Margaret Street, the foundation stone being laid in 1885.

Register of births and marriages (1861-1946) and Synagogue Building Committee Minutes.

Federation of Orthodox Synagogues of Australia and New Zealand

1962-1975 2 boxes
Background correspondence to Constitution. General correspondence. Minutes 1963-1975 (imp).
With Aaron Aaron Collection.
1962-1975 2 boxes

Great Synagogue

See links in Israel Porush Collection

Hobart Hebrew Congregation

1841-1922 Microfilm * Restricted access

The community was founded in 1842, and the synagogue is now the oldest standing synagogue in Australia.

Congregation minutes and registers, 1841-1922.

Illawarra Synagogue

20/1/1931-1/10/1935 11 volumes 4/1950 - 4/8/1982 (fiche)

The Illawarra Jewish Association was founded in 1931, and changed its name to the Illawarra Hebrew Congregation in April 1943. In the early 1980s, the South Coast Hebrew Congregation (Wollongong) was incorporated into the Illawarra Synagogue.

Minutes. Copy of deeds. With Microfiche Collection.

Newcastle Hebrew Congregation

1948 + Folder

The community was formed in 1906, and the first synagogue was consecrated in September 1927, with Reverend Isack Morris as Minister for the next 25 years. Newcastle is the only provincial synagogue in New South Wales.

Newcastle Hebrew Congregational Archives. A listing, Jan. 1983. Annual reports, 1948, 1951, 1954, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1971, 1973, 1976, 1982-3, 1983-4. Guide to visitors. Newsletter, August 1984 +. Newcastle Synagogue Jubilee, 1927-1977.

New South Wales Association of Sephardim

1953-1987 1 box

After the war a considerable number of Sephardic Jews migrated to Australia, and an Association was formed in New South Wales in 1954. As most of the members lived around Bondi, a site was purchased in Woollahra, and the Sephardi Synagogue opened in September 1962. Many of the Sephardim came originally from India or Arabic countries.

Copies of letters, old Constitution, press cuttings and general business (1953-1965), minutes (6th Jan 1954 - 8th Feb 1960), tour of Chief Rabbi 1970, Sephardi Heritage Sabbath 1981. Silver Jubilee, 1987. Press clippings 1958-1980; 1987.
With Aaron Aaron's Collection. Photos.

Perth Hebrew Congregation

1898-1986 Microfilm *Restricted access

Up till his death in 1939, Rabbi David Freedman was the minister of the community, which was founded in 1896, with the first synagogue being built in Brisbane Street (1896 -1974).

Annual reports (1897-1988); minutes (1898-1986); letter books (1901-1907); Perth Hebrew School (1897-1898); Perth Hebrew Literary Society (1903-1908); letter book - Jewish Girls' Guild (1908); Perth Jewish Girls' Guild - minute book (1906-1915); The West Australian Jewish Education Association - annual reports (1926-1948 imp.) and minutes (1936-1950); Perth Hebrew Philanthropic Society - annual reports (1928-1940) imp; National Council of Jewish Women - Junior Council (1945-1947); letterbook - Fremantle Hebrew Congregation (1901-1903); Harold Boas historical notes.
* Filmed by the Battye Library. Listed by the Archive in 1988 but no permission given for access to the microfilm.

South Coast Hebrew Congregation

1961-1975 2 volumes (3 fiche)

The Jewish Community at Wollongong, which was begun in 1961 was eventually incorporated into the Illawarra Synagogue in the early 1980s, when many of its members had moved to Sydney. Warner Reed was the first President. The records consist of minutes of meetings, and of the annual meetings.

With Microfiche Collection.