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The Archive of Australian Judaica at the University of Sydney Library

The Archive of Australian Judaica has been operating since the 4th of July 1983 within Rare Books and Special Collections at Fisher Library, The University of Sydney. The Archive of Australian Judaica houses over 32 partial or complete collections of both prominent and lesser known Jewish community organisation, some of which are now non-operational. It also houses over 80 individual collection of prominent Jewish people that have impacted life in the Australian Jewish Community and Australia.

  • Books and Periodicals: The archive houses both rare and mainstream newspapers such as the Australian Israelite Newspaper dating from 1871-1874, The Jewish Herald from 1929 and the Australian Jewish Newspaper from 1974-2004. It also holds a collection of newspaper clippings from the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies dating from 1940 to 1986. These clippings truly show what Jewish life in Australia was like over 4 decades during and after World War II. Periodicals include over 100 Jewish organisational newsletters, as well as, annual reports, diaries and calendars. Likewise, it contains a few collections of Journals such as the Australian Jewish Historical Society and The Australian Journal of Jewish Studies. Lastly, the Archive has a small collection of rare Yiddish books.

  • Theses:The archive has a small collection of theses written about Australian Jewish topics by Master of Arts or PH.D students from many Australian Universities.

  • Ephemera: This collection is comprised of artefacts such as broadsheets, programmes, invitation cards, and brochures, etc. These documents have a unique importance for social history and related disciplines. Only significant ephemera are collected where the material was thought to provide context to historical events

  • Photography:This collection consists of approximately 1,200 community photographs and several boxes of uncatalogued photos from the Australian Jewish News. The community photographs are of individuals at community events, meetings, schools, and Synagogues to name a few. The photographs from the Australian Jewish newspaper are images that were published or considered for publication. Many of these images are taken by professional photographers and document various topics such as protests, sports, anti-Semitism, holocaust, events and performing and visual arts in relation to the Jewish Community.

  • Audio-Visual Collection:The audio-visual collection consists of cassette tapes, microfilm, reels, VHS tapes and digital records.

    1. Cassette Tapes & Audio Reels:The archive houses close to 800 cassette tapes and reels. This includes programmes such as The Jewish Radio Hour from its inception in 1978; seminars of the Australian Association of Jewish Studies with topics covering anti-Semitism, Jewish identity and prominent Australian figures, as well as the NSW Council of Christians & Jews luncheon tapes where topics such as Australian women and lectures by prominent Australian Jewish figures. The Archive also houses just over 200, 7” reels from the Australian Union of Jewish Students called You Don't Have to Be Jewish

    2. VHS/DVD & Digital Records:This collection includes an interview with Helena Mann, a Holocaust survivor, and a video of the art exhibition of the Jewish Arts and Culture Council in 1989, as well as a DVD and digital copy of the Twelfth Hour Tapes. The Twelfth Hour Project was conducted by the Australian Institute for Holocaust Studies and is an oral history of Australian Holocaust survivors.

    3. Microfilm & Microfiche Collection:The majority of this collection consists of community and individual records that were transferred to microfilm and fiche.

Please note that certain collections may be restricted or inaccessible due to preservation needs. You may also wish to visit our collaborative repository for Australian Jewish records, the Archives of the Australian Jewish Historical Society.