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Australian Journal of Jewish Studies 1987-

Table of Contents

The journal dates from 1987 until 1991 when it was called Menorah: Australian Journal of Jewish Studies.

Dr Evan Zuesse was the founding editor. The next editor was Dr Rachael Kohn, who currently broadcasts on ABC radio on The Spirit of Things. When she became editor in 1991, the journal changed its name to the Australian Journal of Jewish Studies. The next editor was Dr Rodney Gouttman. Two editors from 2000-2009, Dr Dvir Abramovich and Professor Ziva Shavitsky were succeeded by Dr Myer Samra who was the editor when this webpage was created.

The AAJS Newsletter is distributed in electronic form. Earlier issues may be obtained free of charge (except for postage) or collected from the AAJS secretary.

NB: There were two issues of no 18 (June 1996 and October 1996) and two of no 20 (July 1997 and December 1997).